Franki’s Franklin Arts is a new exhibition space in Croton-on-Hudson, located at Franki’s Sandwich and Grill, 7 Old Post Road South.

Franklin Arts is a community-based exhibition space: we are more interested in how much you care about the art you create than in your credentials.

There is no commission, no hanging fee.

First exhibit: Community Portraits.

Alan Pakaln will be on site at various times photographing anyone wishing to participate. Anyone can submit a photograph, just email it to:  It will be printed and hung. At the end of the exhibit, participants can receive a copy of their photograph. 

Please contact Alan if you are interested in showing.

Future date: spring, 2022.
No resume required.
Requirements are: framed artworks (so we can hang it), you care about what you have made, have shown a commitment to your art, and will participate in hanging.

The exhibition space is approximately 15′ long and 4′ high. The hanging rail can accommodate virtually any arrangement within this area, accommodating weights up to 30 lbs per rail (3 rails).

Contact Alan at:


Alan has two personal websites: